my story

There are many reasons why people get into photography, writing or other creative pursuits. For me, it’s been a very long journey of trial and error, deep frustration and joy. It’s involved everything from the need to express my anger to being obsessed with light, trying to understand human expression, to simply walking and observing the world around me. It all boils down to being present.

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photography testimonials

Comments from the Street Photography Now project:

Immediately this image conjures up the work of Joel Meyerowitz in New York, which is a fantastic achievement given the more variable lighting conditions found in London.

Davy Jones

This has the ethereal feel of a constructed art photo added to by the green colour palette that saturates the frame… An intriguing and beguiling – and rather haunting effort.

Stuart Freedman

The first thing I get about this image is the great balance. The seedy signs of the Soho shop naturally draw your eye across the image until you meet the old man who is bathed in sunlight. The main character is humorously juxtaposed against the sex shop signs… 

Paul Bence

Selection of images arranged around my exploration of light, human facial expression and the human condition