I grew up in a semi-rural working-class town in England in the early 1960s. Raised in a mostly Christian tradition, I was heavily influenced by my father and grandfather, who were both practising Spiritualists with a keen interest in mysticism and the occult, in particular the works of people like Paul Brunton and Colin Wilson and societies like the Rosicrucians. My fairly free-range and liberal upbringing got me into trouble several times as a child as well as encountering some early childhood trauma.

I moved away from home in my late teens to travel around Europe, paint, and experiment with drugs, and spent the next few years living a fairly carefree bohemian lifestyle. After working a variety of jobs, including; cleaner, decorator, labourer, ceramicist, office and factory worker, I moved to London to study literature. Here I was heavily influenced by writers such as Hermann Hesse, Jack Kerouac and Alan Watts.

During my studies I continued to drink heavily and take drugs, resulting in a period of depression and mental breakdown following a bad acid trip. During one weekend of binge drinking, however, I had a spiritual awakening experience, which completely changed my life. Although deeply moving, it resulted in a period of paranormal activity and emotional instability that caused me to seek help through homoeopathy and spiritual healing. I later joined a Spiritual Healing Circle to learn how to better control my psychic abilities and help others.

After settling down to raise a family, I spent ten years working at the national library where I became interested in esoterica and the Arcane School in particular. I gained a Master’s degree in Information Science, and began a successful career in digital development, working mostly for not-for-profit and charity organisations helping develop their digital capability.

Following a traumatic family separation, there followed another long period of depression. As a way of helping deal with this I picked up my first digital camera and was instantly hooked. Not only did I find a new passion for visual imagery and story telling, and an interest (near obsession) with light, I learned to under people better, how to live in the moment and rekindled my love of London. This process led to an interest in the practice of mindfulness and meditation, which I continue to this day.

I now spend time most of my time between family, digital work, volunteering, writing, photography, motorcycles and travel.

Mark Andrew Davies
Mark Andrew Davies