Natural Enlightenment

An Alternative Approach to Spiritual Awakening

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery that transcends the confines of religious dogma and esoteric methodologies?

In this new and captivating book, available on Amazon, you will discover a new path to spiritual awakening. Through simple yet profound insights, you will learn to cultivate the essential elements for awakening:

  • Innate desire and ability: Within each of us lies a deep-seated yearning to experience our true nature. This yearning is the spark that ignites the flame of enlightenment.
  • Immanent potential: All the critical elements required for awakening are already within us. We are not lacking in anything; we are simply preventing ourselves from seeing what is already there.
  • Evolutionary design: We are highly evolved beings who are hardwired to achieve enlightenment. It is our destiny, and our purpose.

As you delve into these pages, you will begin to shed the layers of conditioning that have obscured your true self. You will come to understand that enlightenment is not something to be achieved or attained but rather a state of being that is already present within you.

With each step you take on this journey, you will move closer to removing some of the shackles of attachment mental and emotional suffering. You will gain a heightened awareness of the present moment and start to experience a profound sense of peace and joy.

This book is not a roadmap with directions to enlightenment. It is a beacon that will guide you toward the light that already shines within you.

Natural Enlightenment: An Alternative Approach to Spiritual Awakening 
Kindle and Paperback Editions

Mark Andrew Davies
October 2023